Privacy Policy

At CitizensReport we collect different types of information about our users for four main reasons:

1. To help us to monitor and improve the services we offer.

2. To provide personalised services unique to individual users.

3. To reduce fraudulent or malicious use of the reporting, forum/blog or other services on the site.

4. To use anonymous details about our users to sell appropriate advertising space on the site. This might mean showing an advertiser how many users we have on the site; it does not mean sharing an individual’s details with an advertiser. Where we collect registration information from an individual, we will never share that individual’s information with a third party, including an advertiser, without that user’s explicit permission.

Our principles about your privacy

We are absolutely committed to protecting your privacy. And we will not share your information with others without your prior consent, unless required by law to do.

Instances were there may be a legal requirement to share personalised information are: to protect children; and prevent an act of terrorism.

We will do our utmost to protect user privacy through the appropriate use of the latest security technology.

We will respect your email privacy. You will not receive unsolicited marketing emails from CitizensReport and/or from third parties screened by us, unless you have agreed to this. We may email you to enquire whether any enquiries have been satisfactorily resolved.

We will not pass on any individual user details (including your email address) for third party use unless we have your prior consent.

We always ensure that contractors we use in connection with the running of the website and services (for example hosting providers) are subject to strict contractual obligations. They are only able to process data on our behalf and in accordance with our principles and instructions and not for any other independent purpose.

Otherwise, we will only share anonymous aggregate statistics about our users, reports and traffic patterns with potential advertisers.

Our site is accessible via the Internet and so may potentially be accessed by anyone around the world. Other users may access the site from outside the European Economic Area. This means that, where you choose to post your data on the site, this could be accessed from anywhere around the world and therefore a transfer of your data outside of the European Economic Area may be deemed to have occurred. You consent to such transfer of your data for and by way of this purpose. Where we or our contractors transfer data outside of the European Economic Area this is only ever done with the relevant protections required by law in place.

Changes to privacy policy

Should we elect to change our privacy policy we will post the changes here. Where the changes are significant, we may also choose to email all our registered users with the new details.

Personal information

Crime and Incident Reports
We do not require that you provide us with your name or e-mail address to report a crime or incident on Citizens Report, but an e-mail address or telephone number is required to verify a report.
Where we have an e-mail address or telephone number related to a crime or incident report these details are not kept on the CitizensReport site or on the internet.

Where you have left a comment on featured crimes or the news area of Citizens Report, a username and e-mail address is required to leave these comments and users of these services are responsible for the comment sthey ahve left.

Legal information under the Data Protection Act 1998

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, the Data Controller for is ………. Mevagissey, Cornwall. Any queries regarding our use of data and data policies should be addressed to the Head of Customer Relationship Management.
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