London Riots August 2011

Mapping the Riots in London and across the UK is available on this link. source Guardian

The comments and discussions from site visitors over the last few months on Black violence, teenage murders, shooting and robbery have suggested a growing fear around the safety of young people, frustration with policing and reduced aspiration and opportunities for young people.
While nothing could condone the violence, burning and looting that has and is still occurring, it would be ridiculous to deny that many who visited the site have warned that the frustration, fear and anger would eventually explode outwards rather than be retained within Black communities or the estates within deprived areas of London.

Sadly this has occurred and was sparked by the shooting of Mark Duggan on Thursday the 4th August in Ferry Lane Tottenham

On the 14th July
TK Black Elder and Grandfather commented:
“We know that Black people are often the last to get the benefits of good times and the first to lose those benefits in the hard times. There is no surprise that robbery and burglary are climbing fastest in deprived areas with black communities, or that knife crime and violence in Lambeth has started to spike
I don’t know why people turn on each other in this violent way when things get tough. When the Brixton riots happened it was their local area the youths smashed not Westminster or Chealsea. When people are in pain they lash out at whoever is closest this happens in relationships it happens in neighbourhoods.
Lambeth is a barometer and early warning signal that the hard times are biting and when shit happens in Lambeth it tends to pulse outwards to the rest of the city.”

In June 2011 Francis R commented:
“There is no consistent thread in any of these murders. Someone gets killed because of a robbery, another because someone somewhere disrepected another. Tit for tat killings of young men with guns. The only consistent thing is that there is a brutal disregard for peoples life. But that is the normal now. Young people learn from those around them and what they have learnt is that adults whether they are politicians, religious or business leaders, lie, steal, cheat and when they want something they don’t care about killing to get it. Because these black young men seem to be killing each other for now doesn’t mean that it will stay that way. Eventually that anger is going to turn outward from the estates in Lambeth, Newham and Southwark and god help us when that happens.”


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2 Responses to London Riots August 2011

  1. Jonathon M from T says:

    Riots in London Birmingham, Manchester and other cities were too widespread to put down to a particular form of policing or cuts in one area or another. They demonstrate that young people are un-convinced by the authority of the state or other state institutions. In fact the state and particularly the Coalition have spent over a year trying to convince us all that the state and its ministries are useless institutions … young people have come forward in city after city and said… We Agree!

    With the reductions in services to young people and the continual propping up of the wealth and resources of the old, the veil that older people have a responsibility of care of the young has slipped away to reveal how manipulative, greedy and parasitic the old are upon the energy and resources of the young.

    Young people are paying excessively for everyday living items such as food, gas, water, electricity, transport, accommodation and education, to support the share portfolios and dividends paid out to the old, the pensions of the old, the property values of the old and the free healthcare of the old.

    Maybe the riots can be a little wake up call to all of us that we have to make the arrangement between old and young a great deal fairer.

  2. Parker Knowles says:

    Once again the spectra of gangs was used as an attempt to panic communities and the police into targeting young people who dare to hang around in groups of more than two. Immediately after the riots police, politicians and those who make a living out of stoking up fears and misrepresenting young people blamed gangs as being a massive influence for organising the riots and looting.

    Only later when some of the smoke had cleared did the Home Secretary announce to parliament that only a small number of looters and rioters in London could be described as gang members.

    Theresa May told MPs at the home affairs select committee on 7th September that it appeared the role of gangs was “not as high as people first thought”. In London 19% of those arrested were gang members.

    Gangs have been the witches of the 21st century. Every time something goes wrong the cry of “the gangs, the gangs” goes up. These amorphous powerful groups, no one really knows who they are or how powerful they are but they are amongst us. They can curdle milk, spread disease and make grown men drop just by their evil mumblings, funny walks and incantations.
    For goodness sake can we have so grown ups leading our community safety and justice system rather than these silly children who make up bogey men to try and frighten the populace. It wouldn’t be so bad but there are men in their 50’s making a living by spreading nonsense about gangs and getting well paid jobs through the false alarmist claims they make about young people…..

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