Murders 2011 – British murders, homicides and fatal violence mapped

Update: Reports of Murders, Homicides and Violence with Fatal Injury made on the site have now been placed on their own individual page for mapping the location, weapon and suspected motive of incidents.

Link to Murders in the UK 2011 to 2013

Table of Gun murders in England, Scotland and Wales from 2001 to 2012

Once on the map page. Clicking on the markers on the map, or on the table of incidents, provides details on the victims name, age, sex and where available, picture.

Table of Number of Murders / Homicides in ENGLAND and WALES 2001 to 2012 – with Gun Murder Statistics per year

financial year
Murder / Homicides
(and number where a gun or firearm caused the fatality)
Murder / Homicides
confirmed cases
Murder / Homicide
per million pop
2000/1 847

(of which 72 were caused by a gun / firearm)
764 14.4
2001/2 854

(of which 96 were caused by a gun / firearm)
793 15.2
2002/3 1041

(of which 80 were caused by a gun / firearm)
942 17.9
2003/4 852

(of which 68 were caused by a gun / firearm)
772 14.6
2004/5 834

(of which 76 were caused by a gun / firearm)
780 14.7
2005/6 764

(of which 49 were caused by a gun / firearm)
708 13.3
2006/7 749

(of which 56 were caused by a gun / firearm)
712 13.3
2007/8 772

(of which 53 were caused by a gun / firearm)
734 13.6
2008/9 668

(of which 39 were caused by a gun / firearm)
640 11.8
2009/10 626

(of which 39 were caused by a gun / firearm)
608 11.1
20010/11 648

(of which 58 were caused by a gun / firearm)
636 11.5
1st Jan 2011 to 31st Dec 2011 564
2011/12 550

(of which 39 were caused by a gun / firearm)
(population of England and Wales is 56.1 million)
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23 Responses to Murders 2011 – British murders, homicides and fatal violence mapped

  1. Tanya says:

    I have just been on your British Murder and Homicide map for 2011. Ity is very very interesting although a little disconcerting seeing so many murders and homicides laid out all over England Scotland and Wales. You can quickly identify where the scary places are. Lambeth in London is definately an area I would think more than twice about living or raising children in, the murders and gun crime look awful.
    Your map is a useful reminder about how safe the majority of places in Britain are but also how unsafe some other places are.

  2. Maggie T says:

    Rebecca Leighton 27 a nurse from Stepping HIll Hospital is still being questioned about the murders of possible 5 people now rather than the 3 confirmed cases from last week.

    The first 3 three patients murdered were- Tracey Arden, 44, Arnold Lancaster, 71, and 84-year-old George Keep. Two futrther deaths, Derek Weaver, 83, died on 21st July and a woman aged 84 who died on 14 July. A 41 yr old man remains critically ill in hospital.

    This is just staggering and is an awful reminder of the Dr Harold Shipman case who killed over 200 people over the course of many years when he was a GP, giving them lethal doses of morphine. Shipman hung himself in prison in 2004, but was able to murder hundreds because of an extended career in medicine. If this young pretty 27 year old nurse turns out to be the culprit for these murders in Stepping HIll Hospital just imagine how many lives she may have been able able to take if she hadn’t been caught now but left to continue this like Shipman over many many years.

    What motivates these people?
    Shipman thought he was doing the country a favour by killing off old people. Three of the victims at Stepping HIll Hospital were very old and infirm, one of the victims in his forties had Multiple Sclerosis. Is this another act to save society and the NHS money.

    It sounds like cost saving is being taken far too far and literally in the NHS.

    • Rebecca Leighton 27 was acquitted by police for these murders and is no longer under investigation. Similar to the landlord, Christopher Jefferies, who was under initial suspicion in the Joanna Yeates murder case and was found completely innocent, it is important not to jump to conclusions just because the police are questioning an individual or the media has zeroed in on a particular suspect.

  3. mark t says:

    Its not the area thats dangerous its the people who live there thats dangerous, mainly where black people live, its not racist its a fact!

  4. Emily from Enfield says:

    Some places that have a high number of black people are dangerous but that seems to be a London thing. I have looked at the British murder map and outside London the victims and murderers are white

  5. Mark Vert says:

    Is it me or were the number of stabbings, beatings and strangulations at the end of 2011 and start of 2012 really high. Your murder mapped jumped up 10 murders over a couple weeks just before christmas and over the new year.

    Not a good start to 2012

  6. Jude says:

    The total homicides added together is 8,655. But did you know or care that over the same period – The total number of mne, women, young people and children killed on the Roads is 32, 955. Unfortunately, the Killers/Murderers are included in Road Deaths. But having said that the Majority of the 32,955 are Inocent Victims who were horrifically, Brutally and violently slaughtered by other road users who used their Vehicle as a Lethal Weapon whilst committing one or more Criminal Motoring Offences. But these horrific deaths as not treated as other crimes against the preson.

    We need to be just as shocked, disgusted and outraged by All Deaths Caused by another. We all have a Right to Life, and All who Kill should be held Responsible and Accountable.

    • Not sure what time period you are referring to for your figures but we did do a review and mapping of British road deaths on the site for 2008 and 2009 and they were 2,538 Fatalities in 2008 and 2,222 Fatalities in 2009.

      Around this period in England and Wales there were 640 murders in 2008-09 and 608 murders in 2009-10.

      And yes we did note that murders get far more interest than road deaths even though the number of road deaths are regularly three to four times more than murders/ homicides.

      The 2010 road deaths information was released late last year, we will find some time to update the mapping information.

  7. Brian Moreau says:

    I find it interesting that some of you state you would not live in the black spot areas.

    Lets look at some statistics.

    UK Murders 2011 : 564 :
    Fatal car accidents 2008 UK : 2,222 :
    Serious car injuries 2008 UK : 24,690 :

    Cycling seriously injured UK 2011: 2,660
    Cycling killed UK 2011: 111

    This is a scary one.
    Home accidents (serious) 2,700,000
    Home accidents (death) 4000

    So there you have it, it’s safer to be on the streets of London than it is to be in your own home.
    You’re also more likely to be killed in a car accident than murdered but will you stop driving your car like a nutter?

  8. Nattie Boh says:

    “Ha Ha Ha Ha!”

    Yours truly,
    Baltimore, MD, USA

    • BaltimoreBrit says:

      I wasn’t laughing to see Baltimore is up to 100 murders this year already.

      • Loral says:

        100 murders is pretty tame when compared to Chicago who has a gun ban in force and still reached 500 murders.

  9. Tony says:

    maybe its time our government started checking criminal records of immigrants coming to the U.K from e.u countries.

  10. Defender of the republic says:

    seems to me were those stabbed, beaten, bludgeoned,strangled,pummeled and throttled to the point of coughing up their mortal coil would have been better served were they armed and trained in the use of firearms, which is the great equalizer. It certainly levels the playing field. If I am 21.5 stone and 6 feet 3 inches which I am and you are smaller and weaker than me I will no doubt have my way with you. Now if you are packing a gun I am at a clear disadvantage or you would be on an equal footing atleast. I am so very sorry that the fine people of the UK gave up their firearms only to be exposed to the wont of any common thug not to mention their own government. They have no defense against tyranny whatever, what is more if you don’t pay your TV and council tax the baliffs will come a knocking and debtors prison shall ensue shortly, we Yanks cannot nor will not abide the postiton of a cowering defensless position of a serf requiring protection of their Lord who are clearly incapable of performing the duty required of them. All Brits, the whole of the UK needs to demand legislation introducing the reimplementation of all gun ownership for their own security against tyranny. Until then continue to pay your council taxes and tv taxes. Our Bill of Rights and Constitution should be a template for all of you to follow.
    We were able to defeat Britian on 2 occaisions because THE PEOPLE were armed here in the US. I implore you to do so, during WW2 Admiral Yamamoto was asked why he did not invade the CONUS, his reply was thus ” It would have been a suicide mission, there’s a rifle behind every blade of grass, the American People are armed and know well how to use them”…paraphrased of course..I hope you can see my point here folks.
    Respectfully in truth and liberty,
    Clann Dunn – Albannach Inhabitant of Florida US and armed defender of the rebublic, One of The People of the Preamble. MOLON LABE! PAX AUT BELLUM!!!!

    • Paul says:

      In a typical year 8-9,000 Americans are murdered with a firearm and statistically you are more likely to be killed by a gunshot if you own a gun.

      In the UK 100 people a year are murdered with a firearm and statistically you are more likely to be killed by a gunshot if you own a gun.

      Adjusting for population numbers you are 16 times more likely to be murdered with a gun in the USA than in the UK.

      6,000 people are murdered each year in the USA by a method other than firearm.

      In the UK 700 people are murdered each year by a method other than a firearm.

      Adjusting for population you are 1.7 times more likely to get murdered other than with a firearm in the USA.

      What does this prove – even if you own a lot of guns it doesn’t prevent you from being shot, in fact it makes it more likely.

      For information bailiffs and tax collectors do not go around armed in the UK and only rarely do you see a police officer with a firearm.

      In the twenty years from 1993 to 2012 the total number of suspects (guilty and innocent) killed by the police in England & Wales (90% of the UK) is 13 that’s 0.65 per year. In the USA there was 500 in 2012. US law enforcement kills proportionally 154 times as many suspects as the British police.

      In 2011 125 (presumably armed) US law enforcement officers were killed on duty – in the UK there was none that year.

      We learn from this you are far more likely to be killed by a government official in the US and you are far more likely to be killed if you are a government official in the US.

    • John h says:

      Guns are an equaliser, sure it means any coward has the means to kill large numbers easily. A wimpy, egomaniac, immature prat can kill 20 or more people before anyone can stop him, whether the person who stops him is armed or unarmed.
      There needs to be limitations in individual kill power, otherwise you are handing the power of life and death to idiots. You may say this defends your liberty from the state but does it liberate you from the immature homicidal maniac who may be living next door to you, with an arsenal under his bed and a head full of paranoia.

  11. James W says:

    I’ve seen the crime stats for England and I do not pretend to understand English law could someone please tell me how vehicular homicide is reported. We do have strict traffic laws here in the U.S but a traffic accident involving death is not a crime, tragidy yes, but not an imprisoning offense unless the courts can prove premeditation or a desire to cause harm to another.

    • Paul says:

      If you intended to kill someone with your vehicle it is murder but otherwise it is a traffic offence – normally causing death by dangerous driving.

  12. JP says:

    Can someone please fly over here and take your idiot citizen, Piers Morgan, back home with you?? We’ve about had enough of him, thank you.

  13. karen says:

    Killing someone in an accident is a criminal offence because due to dangerous drving,under the influence of drugs or alcholo

  14. Dom jones says:

    English fight with fists, yanks fight with guns it’s a culture thing. You will never stop American people carrying guns, it’s a way of life. Although if you think even police in England don’t often carry guns (except air ports etc) I could count on one hand the gun shootings in my area in the 27 years of life, It’s more or less unheard of. Although I’m sure sentencing in the us is far more strict and uk should adopt that. Life means life.
    I have to say if everyone had guns here including myself and someone came to my door I’d be inclined to use it! But it’s not like that.

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