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remaining Anonymous when Reporting Crime or leaving Comments

Remaining anonymous on the web when reporting crime or leaving comments can be difficult as you tend to leave a trail through your IP address (the Internet Protocol address of your internet providers connection). The IP address can be tracked … Continue reading

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Teenage Robbery and Mugging

The largest number of robberies are committed in London and the capital has the highest robbery rate (robbery offences per thousand population). London rates are four times that of most regions in England and Wales and only Birmingham gets close … Continue reading

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12 month Robbery Rates and Number of Offences for English Regions

Personal Robbery rates and number of Personal Robbery offences for regions in England – 12 months to April 2011 Region Number of Offences in 12 months Rate per 1000population East Midlands 3497 0.8 East 3358 0.6 London 33290 4.3 North … Continue reading

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