Surge in London Robberies

There has been a large increase in London’s level of personal robbery to the end of March 2011. Over 3000 personal robbery offences were reported to police in March 2011; a level of street crime offending not seen for the last 4 years (june 2007).

Chart of London Robbery per month from April 2007 to March 2011

raw data

Robbery was also up 8.7% in the 12 months of the last financial year, from over 30,202 offences in 2009-10 to 32,843 offences in 2010-11
This is on the back of an increase in Serious youth violence: +3.1% and Knife crime: +8.3% in 2010.
(data source MPS).

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4 Responses to Surge in London Robberies

  1. JamieK-Lewisham says:

    No need to tell me robbery has surged. My wife was mugged a couple days ago for her phone in Lewisham only a few hundred yards from the police station and I was threatened with a knife just a couple weeks before that close to home. It makes you want to pick up a knife yourself and the first robber who comes your way you start slashing and dont stop until one of you ends up dead. Its the last time I going to just hand over my stuff.

  2. Jamie thanks for using the site and leaving a comment. I think all of us can appreciate how awful it is being threatened at knifepoint to hand over property. You never know whether it is going to be just a threat or lead onto something more serious even if you hand over your money or valuables. The anger you feel is understandable and I think many would share some of your reaction – produced not only around the threat to yourself but to a person you care for. When it boils down to it though, it is often better to just hand over the valuables rather than take on the robber with your own weapon as the chances of the situation escalating until one of you gets seriously injured become greater. You also never know whether the robber is acting alone or has a mate in the wings ready to come over to assist. Carrying a weapon in preparation also shows some intent which could make your situation difficult if the case goes to court. So what do you do?
    Well call the police when robberies occur and don’t be tempted to not report it. It helps the police deploy their resources in robbery hotspots and dissuades robbers from the area. The reliance on policing based solutions is expensive and probably unsustainable so I think much more needs to be done to try and get citizens to look out for each other, design out spaces that enable robbery and dissuade people from robbing. There has been quite a bit of work done around preventing and reducing robbery. I will see if we can get some of the learning and good practice placed on the site.

  3. Colin Je says:

    I see the police launched an anti burglary and anti robbery drive on the 7th June. Too bloody late I say.

    If only around a fifth of robberies actually get reported to the police, this means that the police recorded 2900 extra robberies over the last year translate to 14,500 additional actual robberies in the last 12 months.

    If all these police can be found to launch a anti-robbery operation over the next 6 months where the hell are they the rest of the year….

  4. Narinder Singh - Southall says:

    It is becoming a trend now. My Son was mugged and assaulted on his Prom. New Blackberry and 100 £. New Suit £150 ripped. The kids who done it are known to the school and were reported to the police.

    Then three weeks later he was robbed again in the Park. Phone and £25 cash gone again. Reported to police again.

    Last week I was robbed with my wife on busy high street. Police telling me if I am sure that I want to goto court!?!?! Too much paperwork for them I guess.

    These somalian kids are hanging around the same sites again. Police don’t do anything.

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