Civilians Killed by Police Firearms Officers in England and Wales

Mapping the location of individuals shot and killed by the police in England and Wales, from 2005 to 2011

Link to: New updated map from 2005 to 2011, also now enabled to allow victim profile selection by sex, ethnic appearance and year

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5 Responses to Civilians Killed by Police Firearms Officers in England and Wales

  1. Tom Tom says:

    That is a lot of people shot and killed by the police and you don’t realise it until you see those blue markers pop up all over the country; while you would like to think these shootings have occurred to protect us , cases like Jean Charles de Menezes remind us that if you put a gun in anyone ones hands, including the police, innocent civilians get killed. Even without a gun the way that the police can get out of hand is demonstrated by the recent case of Ian Tomlinson, killed by the police by a brutal shove when he made the mistake of having his back to one who clearly got off on abusing the power we gave him.

  2. Andrew Mayh says:

    The police are paid for by the taxpaying citizen but seem to think that they are our masters rather than public servants.

    It’s time we took a long hard look at policing and say that the situation is out of hand and we no longer believe the lies that they are there to protect us, rather they are self serving, bullying and increasingly dangerous group who have gotten carried away with their own power.

  3. Grant B Tottenham says:

    Mark Duggans shooting by police last Thursday demonstrates that the police are sliding back into their old impunity when it comes to dealing with the black community. This is partly due the usual police distance between themselves and the community they are supposed to serve. Where are the black policemen and women they promised us decades ago? But more likely because the coalition government have basically said they are not interested in black communities and where ever they can they cut any support or help for communities struggling with unemployment or poverty. Last week they said let’s tackle poverty by cutting tax for rich people. What! The youth recognise they have no option but to rise up and lash out because no one listens when you say something nicely. They just walk on you. These riots in Tottenham are only the beginning.

  4. Plop says:

    I think it’s about time we got rid of the lot of them.

  5. USAcitizen says:

    This is so crazy. I can literally count the number of deaths right here. In the USA? We don’t have a 100% accurate national statistic but it’s estimated that 400-500 innocent people are killed by the police each year. It’s amazing to see how much safer England is in comparison.

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